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Reflecting the many moods and styles of Up North living

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221 N. Bridge St.
P.O. Box 562
Bellaire, MI 49615
(231) 533-4630

Uniquely North is located in downtown Bellaire, Michigan, a place that’s known for its small-town charm
in the midst of the beauty of northern Michigan’s lakes and natural environment

Uniquely North

221 N Bridge St.
Bellaire, MI 49615

Customer Review

“Tons of cute clothes, jewelry, decor, and some kids stuff too.”

Customer Review

“Love this little shop in my favorite Mi small town – great finds and buys!”

Customer Review

Very nice atmosphere and friendly people! Great shopping experience!”

Customer Review

“A unique store for everyone, fine boutique clothing, rustic decor for northern woods and lakes, paintings, jewelries, and rare finds.”

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Uniquely Yours at Uniquely North!

Up North living is not only about beautiful lakes, colorful woods, year-round activities, and places to go. It’s also a warm and comfortable lifestyle that doesn’t require living Up north to make it your own. A family-owned business, our store is designed to help people enjoy the many moods and styles that reflect Up North living. Clothing, home décor and gifts are integrated throughout the store, incorporating the glorious colors and images that surround us. Choices and combinations are as individual as the many people who shop and share with us.

Our goal is that everyone who touches our lives through our store feels welcome, enjoys the experiences they have with us and ends up with things they love and value as part of their own lifestyle expressions.

If you haven’t been to Uniquely North yet, make it a point to do so. The village of Bellaire is located at the heart of the upper and lower Chain of Lakes in the Grand Traverse Bay area. Bellaire has wonderful shops and eateries, and the area is full of year-round activities and wonderful places to stay. It’s home to Shanty Creek Resort, the Glacial Hills Trails, Shorts Brewing Company, and the Grass River Natural Area. To find all the amazing places to eat, play, shop and stay, check out Downtown Bellaire and Destination Bellaire on Facebook, as well as the Bellaire Chamber of Commerce. Included are lots of options for how to plan your time here (be it a day or a  lifetime), along with year-round events, and so much more!

Experiencing Uniquely North is a must, and exceptional customer service is our aim. We, along with our golden retriever, Piper, and our team are eager to welcome you!

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Free Gift Wrapping

You can find a gift for anyone at Uniquely North, and we provide one stop service by having free gift wrapping available so you are all set when you head home.

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Meet the Store Dog

Our store dog, Piper, is in training to be the best store dog she can be.  She is still a puppy, is full of energy, and loves being in the store!