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Destination Bellaire---so much to see, do and experience!
Everyone is eager to make sure you’re welcome in Bellaire!
Map showing location of Bellaire in Michigan

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Returns & Return Policy

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Instore Shopping. Anything purchased can be returned for a full refund with a receipt. We want everyone to be totally happy with each and every purchase! We know that sometimes an item needs to be taken home to be sure it looks "just right."

Gift Returns. We're happy to give a full refund for gifts with a receipt. Without a receipt, we're happy to exchange or provide a gift certificate for the amount of the item returned.

Online Shopping. Online shopping will be new to us but we plan to follow the same return practices as for purchases made in the store. Returns will be fully refunded for the item purchased, minus the shipping charges. Any items received broken will be replaced or your money will be returned after you contact us about receiving broken merchandise. Shipping will be refunded for a broken item; if a replacement is preferred, the replacement item will be shipped without additional shipping charges.

If you have concerns or a special situation please feel free to talk to us about it and we will see what we can do.