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Destination Bellaire---so much to see, do and experience!
Everyone is eager to make sure you’re welcome in Bellaire!
Map showing location of Bellaire in Michigan

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About Us

A Display at Uniquely NorthUp North living is not only about beautiful lakes, woods and year-round activities and places to go.  It's a warm and comfortable lifestyle as well.  Uniquely North offers one of the most interesting and beautiful collections of decorative accessories, lamps, chandeliers, wall art, and furnishings in northwestern Michigan.

A family owned business; the store is designed to help customers with the many moods and styles of northern living-cottage and shabby chic living, lodge or rustic settings, or elegant designs to complement the glorious outdoor settings that surround us.  The choices are as varied and individual as the many people who use Uniquely North to help them make their homes reflect the warmth and beauty they want for their families and friends.  Custom ordering considerably expands the options available.

We've recently added clothing, jewelry, purses and other accessories to complement the home decor.  Easy to use, comfortable to wear, the clothing is part of making Up North living uniquely yours!

If you haven't yet been to Uniquely North, make it a point to do so.  The store is located in downtown Bellaire at the heart of the upper and lower chain of lakes in northern Michigan.  Gift shopping is a must, and exceptional customer service is the goal.  The family and staff there are eager to welcome you!

Have fun with online shopping at, where visitors can also see photos of the store, and a video of the Destination Bellaire area.  You'll love the many options for up north living at Uniquely North!